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Our services

Having a diversified company taking care of your IT needs is pivotal. There’s no need to deal with several companies. Mentel has you covered with its 4 sectors

Internet of Things &
& Embedded Solutions

Our Unique System

With DRP Inventions as your IT resource, you’re getting flexibility, diversity, and security. Your company’s stability no longer rests on one person or a small select group of people. It instead has the backing of an entire IT department.Our program allows knowledge transfer, resource backup, and collaboration to be a part of your IT department’s culture. The drama that once plagued your company is gone, your new culture is stability.

IOT and Embedded System Knowledge

we believe in coming up with innovative, new-age, out of the box solutions and methods of approaching age old problems for the client and at the same time our solutions are cost effective too, which when combined with our experience with IoT will ceratinly help to provide the most fesible solution to the problem in context. We work in Raspberry PI, Arduino, Beaglebone Black and Intel Edison

Software, Mobile
& Web Development

Cutting Edge Desktop, Web and Network Applications

Cross-Platform Applications

Full Life-Cycle Support

Digital Testing (QA)

Maintenance & Support

System & Network

Unix/Windows Servers

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud & Virtualization


Data Storage & Protection

Security Assessment

NOC (Network Operation Center)

Digital Marketing

Creative Design

Website Development


Research & Analytics

Strategy Planning

Creative Animated Explainer Videos